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Embellished Prints Available

What does Embellished Art means?

"Embellished" refers to the act of painting over areas of the printed image or digital print.

Embellishing canvases is something that many artists do. It involves a special kind of technique that the artist uses to add paint to a print. It's where I will build up paint on the printed canvas with Bravura Brushstrokes. To help the hand painted brushstrokes areas pop off of the canvas, I build up the paint layers on the canvas. This approach helps me achieve a very tantalizing and memorable print product.

After I have applied my unique, energetic and lively brushstrokes with my particular painting style, I make the Embellished Print more like an original painting, printed on canvas.

Straight from the studio, I introduce a limited collection of hand painted embellished prints. With the release of these two prints,"Musical Fusion" and "Black Love," I decided to go with a Musical Abstract and an Afrocentric Style for these hand painted embellished prints. Each print is in an edition of only 50 and will never be released again once they are sold out.

These limited embellished prints are personally hand signed and numbered personally.

  • Limited embellished print includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Title of Ownership, to show ownership of embellished print and to show timeline of print.

  • Limited edition includes paperwork of contracts, receipts and statements for insurance purposes.

  • YouTube video link of the Artist working on embellished edition for the Authenticity of the print.

  • Limited edition of only 50 prints.

  • Signed, Titled, Dated and numbered by artist for Authenticity.

  • Archival quality canvases.

  • Artwork is shipped from artist studio in Chicago, IL (Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery, 3-5 weeks for international orders.)


Limited Edition

Hand Painted Embellished Prints

"Musical Fusion" 18" x 24" Hand Signed Embellished Print



"Musical Fusion" 18" x 24" Hand Signed Embellished Print




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