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Portrait Fees

All Travel, Lodging, Framing, and Shipping and Sales Tax expenses are in addition to the prices listed above. Multiple figures on the canvas are priced as follows: First Figure at full price and each additional Figure at 1/2 full price. A 50% deposit is required, before artist starts anything. Portrait will be completed within approximately 18 months of first sitting/photoshoot. Prices are subject to change.

Payment Methods

It's just good business to offer my clients options for paying for my artwork. my clients has the option of payment plans, using credit or debit card, online payments, checks, cash, money orders, cashiers checks, automatic withdrawals, and western. These different payment methods are in place to help the Artist's Patron. Contact artist for your payment plan.

Pencil Portraits

Head & Shoulders 

11" x14"


14" x 17"


Oil Portraits

Head Portrait

16" x 20" - 20" x 24"


Head & Shoulders

20" x 24" - 24" x 30"


Half Figure with Hands

20" x 30" - 30" x 34"


Three-Quarter Figure

30" x 34" - 36" x 48"


Full-Length Figure or Larger

36" x 48" - or Larger


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