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Off The Easel

24" x 30"
oil on canvas

New Portrait Features

Contemporary Droplets

As I gathered my palette and 9 colors of paint tubes, I used to orchestrate this painting. As I set up for another painting session with this particular piece. I approached this painting like I would any other piece, but I wanted to leave it with a little flare. Ms. Nani was a wonderfully delightful young lady to work with and I wanted to capture her essence and charm on canvas.


Now in the early stages of the painting I was still unsure

about a lot things, that was going on with this piece. I

started with my normal routine, I stained the canvas and


then began with a lightly quick sketch, which gave me placement on the canvas. It also gave me the important basic proportions that I needed to move forward. Now as I was coming up to being 90% of completing this piece, I was still unsure. 

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