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LVD Artist Media

​​This Art video gives an insight on the artist approach to hanging this large painting of Marian Hossa, "Play To Win." Its function is to give education, discussion, and insight to hanging process of the artwork. Lessie expresses his approach about hanging the artwork he is working on as it is happening.!

"Hang Time," In The MAC Building, LVD

Hanging Large Framed Artwork On Walls, “Hang Time” In The MAC Building, LVD

This short story video on hanging a large framed art piece on a wall, it is both entertaining and informative, “Hang Time” in the MAC Building. This video will take you on a journey, with some of the issues a working artist goes through. When trying to completing a project and hanging a large painting in the building where the artist's studio resides. Now this large painting of “Marian Hossa” came down to a few things, finding someone to help me hang it in the building and to keep this piece at eye level. Because the artwork center should be 57 inces from the floor. The viewer should not strain their eyes in order to view the painting.

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