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Painting In Process


48" x 60"
mixed medi on canvas

1st Round Pick Chicago 

Blackhawk's Conner Bedard

Conner Bedard is a young Canadian phenom ice hockey centre playing for Blackhawks. He is considered one of the greatest players in his generation and I didn't even know who he was. That's until many of friends started asking me, if I was going to do a painting of this young superstar. Then at this point, I decided to check into him and to my surprise, he turned out to be the real deal.


Bedard was selected first overall by the Chicago

Blackhawks this year of 2023. This made me even more

excited about doing a painting of this young man. After

all my research, it was time to start painting number 98.


When approaching this particular piece, I planned to

focus more on the street art side of this painting. Bringing in more elements of words, stencils, hand drawn images and symbols aimed to described Conner Bedard. These elements will be applied directly on a 48" x 60" canvas, I went with this size to get as many elements onto the surface of the canvas. To describe him to the best of my abilities.

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