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Artist Media

​​These Art videos gives an insight on the artist approach to creating "The Afrocentric Experience," and the traditional side of Art as well. Its function is to give education, discussion, and insight to his artwork. Lessie expresses his approach about the artwork he is working on as it is happening.!

The Afrocentric Expression “Gazing The Horizon”

I am always captivated by the expression of brushwork from other artists. When the paint is applied and left on the canvas by a single application, with the quality of expressing brushwork, and the artist starts a narrative or description of a story told in brush stokes. This Afrocentric ANI art piece will be an interpretation of a man gazing over the horizon. I will paint it in a Alla Prima manner and try to be Daring and Bold with my Bravura Brushstrokes. This brushwork is meant to be Artful in an Abstract appearance.

LVD Logo.jpg

"Black and White Oil Sketch"

New oil sketch teaser for new video coming soon...

The Start Of An ANI Painting 

The Art Of starting and Afrocentric Neo - Impressionism or ANI oil painting demonstrations. Handled with a limited palette, you the viewer will see my approach to oil painting. By applying the paint a little thicker and loose, I was having way to much fun.! Enjoy....

"The Introduction"

Lessie Venardo Dixon here is currently working on bringing these online Afrocentric Experience Art courses for you. Everything that I have learned from developing this style of painting, to ideas, designs, and paint application. So join me on a journey of a lifetime.

"The Struggle Is Real"

Watch as the artist, take a two dimensional surface, and give it three dimensional form. He fights to give the little girl's cheek some sense of  volume.

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